Drug and Alcohol Policy Order Form

DOT Policy Options

Please decide how you want to handle policy violations: If you choose the "Certain Termination" policy; in the event that a driver is found to be in violation of your policy, (i.e. positive test result, left the collection site before the testing process was completed, etc.) you are stating that as a carrier you have zero tolerance for all policy violations and you must terminate the driver. If you choose the "Possible Termination" policy you may consider all of the circumstances surrounding the policy violation and grant the driver a second chance.

  • Do you want your employee drivers’ benefits to accrue during imposed suspension time, upon violation of this policy?

  • Do you want to list "possession of drug paraphernalia" as prohibited conduct?

  • A carrier may require a driver to inform them of any therapeutic drug use. Do you want your drivers to provide you with a physician’s note stating that the medication they prescribed will not adversely affect the driver’s ability to drive?

  • Do you want your drivers to notify you immediately of any criminal drug conviction?

  • Regulations dictate a driver must not perform safety-sensitive functions (i.e. driving, loading, unloading, etc.) within four hours after using alcohol. As a carrier, you can impose an eight hour period of abstinence; do you want to?

  • Do you have a non-DOT workplace policy? If so, do you want us to include a clause in this policy that your employee drivers may be subject to additional testing as described in your workplace policy?

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  • Initial Policy ($200)*
  • Additional DER (+$50)
  • Additional DER (+$50)
  • Additional DER (+$50)
  • Additional DER (+$50)
  • Annual Subscription Updates ($100)
  • * The price for the first policy includes one DER.

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