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  • Drug & Alcohol Consortium Services

    Part 382 applies to every person and to all employers of persons who operate a commercial motor vehicle, in commerce in any State, and who are subject to the commercial driver’s license requirements of Part 383 to test for controlled substances and alcohol use in five categories. Carriers are also required to have a Drug and Alcohol policy written to the regulations. Call us for all the details – we can help you!

  • Compliance Reviews

    Minimum enrollment in our programs ensure that we will represent you in the event of a DOT audit! We are also available to conduct “Mock” audits, ask us for details.

  • Reasonable Suspicion Training

    Part 382.603 states that each employer shall ensure that all persons designated to supervise drivers receive at minimum of sixty minutes of training on alcohol misuse, and sixty minutes of training on controlled substance use. In the event of a DOT audit, the examiner will ask for proof of this training, we offer this training to our clients at no charge. Ask us for details.

  • Handling Positive Test Results

    We offer comprehensive handling of your positive test results, both federal and non-federal. Ask us for details.

  • Mandatory Background Investigations

    Part 391.23 requires carriers to perform investigations of the driver’s safety performance and drug and alcohol testing history – ask us for pricing details.

  • Driver Qualification

    Carriers must maintain a Driver Qualification File for each driver. The file must be kept current for as long as the driver is employed, and for three years thereafter – call us, we can help you!

  • Annual Review Requirements

    Part 391 requires carriers perform annual reviews of drivers driving record; we include this service in our Level II and III programs.

  • Monitoring Expiration Dates

    Regulations require carriers ensure items such as; driver licenses, medical exams, annual reviews, and necessary recurrent training be kept current; we include this service in our Level I, II and III programs.

  • Driver Safety Meetings

    We customize your safety meeting to meet your needs; ask us about pricing and availability.

Midwest Compliance, Inc offers a cost effective solution for achieving and maintaining DOT regulatory compliance. Our programs eliminate your administrative headaches and reduce the economic impact of non-compliance on your company. We specialize in tailoring our services to meet your needs.

Our clients benefit from our volume discounts on Lab and MRO rates, due to exclusive relationships with the nation’s foremost testing laboratories, and nationally recognized medical review groups.

We focus on helping you achieve regulatory compliance, control losses, and increase your profitability through solid compliance management programs.

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Even though we are miles apart, Midwest Compliance Inc. makes it easy for us to keep our driver qualification files up to date and stay compliant with the drug and alcohol testing requirements.

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