Customized Driver Data Services

Is your business losing money due to non-compliance?

Economic risks, other than the civil penalties of non-compliance may include increased accidents, higher insurance costs and a high rate of driver turnover. Outsourcing your DOT compliance needs will reduce these risks and minimize your administrative costs due to paperwork and record retention requirements.

At Midwest Compliance we focus on helping you maintain regulatory compliance, control losses and increase your profitability through solid compliance management programs.

Services include driver qualification and orientation, background investigation history, annual reviews, drug and alcohol testing and training, equipment and maintenance file forms, hours of service training and log auditing. All files are maintained in audit ready format at our location.

Midwest Compliance clients benefit from our volume discount on Lab, MRO and Medical Exam rates.

Midwest Compliance Inc is a “Full Service Compliance Firm”

Pre-Packaged Services


  • Random Drug and Alcohol Consortium
  • Collection Site Set-up and Monitoring
  • Master Drug & Alcohol Policy
  • Comprehensive Handling of Positive Tests
  • Test Result Retention
  • Statistical Reporting
  • Renewal Notices
  • Motor Vehicle Reports
  • Reasonable Suspicion Training


  • All of Level I Services – plus
  • Driver Qualification
  • Driver Orientation
  • Annual Files Reviews
  • Regulatory Updates
  • FMCSR Pocketbooks

Compliance Services

Is there a DOT audit in your future? Call us for an onsite, pre audit review.

We have helped many clients with immediate remedies and long-term solutions to maintain regulatory compliance. Our reviews have proven effective in abating or eliminating potential civil penalties.


  • Non-Federal Drug & Alcohol Testing Programs
  • Hours of Service Training
  • Individual Consortiums
  • “Mock” Audits
  • Security Plans
  • Safety Management Plans
  • Resonable Suspicion Awareness Training

In addition to the annual program fees, the following expenses are the responsibility of the participant:

  • Controlled Substance Collection, Lab & MRO Fees
  • Breath Alcohol Testing/Re-Testing Costs
  • Retesting Costs on Challenged Positive Results
  • MVRs other than Minnesota